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Top 7 Diffrent Types of Car Wash Surrey

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CCleanliness is an essential element of our daily lives. Keeping your cars clean is as important as cleaning your house as you spend significant time travelling and roaming around in your cars. There are various methods through which you can clean your cars.

According to an article published by GRAND VIEW RESEARCH.COM, it is estimated that around 77.1% of individuals prefer getting their cars washed at a professional car wash service. The sole reason behind this is the lack of adequate car washing knowledge and equipment, accompanied by a scarcity of time and busy working schedules.

Let us have a look at the various methods through which you can wash your car adequately:

01 Touchless Wash

The Touchless car wash method helps clean your car without using brushes or bristles. The entire washing process is conducted with pressurized air, pressured water, and a chemical cleaner to clean the car. It's like a blessing as it solves all your problems, but you should take care of a few things. If you don't want your car paint to dry out or risk stripping its coating, take precautions while using chemicals and make sure you know which kind of chemicals are being used to clean your car. So always do your research when you go for a car wash; make sure you're getting the right one.

02 Automatic Wash

Automatic car wash is nothing but driving your car onto a conveyor belt and getting it clean. It involves a series of brushes and blowers. It is also known as tunnel washes. It may cause scratches, and harsh chemicals can damage wax/coating. Still, many people go for this option because of its affordability. Automatic car wash service is inexpensive and a prevalent car wash so far.

03 Self-service car wash

Self-service car wash or do-it-yourself car washes have decreased over the years. This method is cost-effective and works only for a few bucks. But If you work at a slower pace, you'll need to reload the machine. Reloading the machine will increase the price. Self-service car washes don't require huge investment, and less risk is involved. You are provided with a high-pressure gun for water spray, and to control the rise, wax, and soap, you'll also get a rotary knob. You can access a self-service car wash by using a credit card-controlled timer, or it will be coin-operated.

04 Brushless Wash

Brushless washing is a little bit different from automatic washing. In machinery, brushless washing uses strips of soft cloth instead of bristles to wash the car. This process will reduce the risk of scratches and stripping due to abrasive bristles. But sometimes soft, contaminated cloth can also damage the car by causing damage to the car's finish. Brushless washes also use harsh cleaning chemicals, so make sure to ask which kind of chemical they are using to clean before starting with car cleaning.

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05 Hand wash

Any car detailing expert will tell you that the best and safest way is hand wash for washing your car. There are different ways to hand wash your vehicle. You can do it in an orderly fashion by using a two-bucket method and some readily available pieces of equipment. All you will need is some water with soap and a soft mitt for washing the vehicle.

If you're hiring a professional, it will require time and money. This kind of wash gives effective results instantly. Washing the car with a hand wash method gives it a gentle finish and effectively eliminates all the heavy contamination.

06 Waterless Wash

As the name suggests, a waterless wash doesn't include water in the process. It only utilizes a spray bottle with cleaner and several soft cloths or microfiber towels to wipe it clean. You just have to spray the waterless cleaning product on the vehicle, then wipe it with a clean towel, and your work is done. This method is often used when there is no space for handwashing, where you cannot use water, as there are some places where water is unavailable, like on the road. You can use a waterless cleaning method as a last resort.

The waterless wash method is not good enough for removing heavy dirt or gunk. It'll work best for quick dust removal, but if you're back from a muddy trail, then this method might not work. However, it can increase the risk of scratching as waterless cleaning products are made of chemicals. It may lubricate the surface, so there might be chances of scratches.

07 Rinseless Wash

Rinseless wash is different from waterless wash, a combination of waterless wash and hand wash. You'll have to take a bucket of water and mix a small amount of rinseless cleaning product. You don't have to rinse it as it won't produce any bubbles. All you have to do is wipe it dry, and your vehicle will be clean. Many Car Wash Surrey offer 24x7 hot water & appropriate tools to clean your vehicle.


If you have decided which car washing method you are willing to opt for but need help choosing the best station for your car cleaning services, visit Splash Zone car wash station.

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