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Tips on how to give a good dog wash

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EEvery dog requires a good bath now and then. It does not matter if your favourite companion has rolled out in the mud; a good bath will ensure that your dog again comes out to be nice, clean and tidy.

Few dogs love and enjoy a bath, while few are terrified and afraid of the whole procedure. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of the good grooming tips that prepare your dog for the next wash. This article focuses on habits for a good wash of your furry friend.

Get necessary equipment for a dog wash

The first step is to gather and collect the right equipment for a dog wash. Here's a list of the items that you will require:

  • Ensure to use a mild dog shampoo that doesn't rip off the dog skin having essential oils that protect their skin.
  • A brush and a comb
  • Ensure that you make use of more than one towel
  • Few wet clothes

If you make your dog bath in a tub, the addition of something at the tub base gives your dog more friction. To prevent your dog from slipping make use of rubber mat and a towel

Choose correct spot

There is an absolute need to choose a good place where bathing can be carried out efficiently. It depends on the dog size and helps you to narrow down the choices. If we consider a small dog, then a deep sink can be a perfect choice. A big dog, on the other hand, requires a bathtub and a shower. Every spot has its advantages. A bathtub with a sprayer fastens your process as it's super easy to rinse off your dog. Dog wash can be challenging at home as you do not have the essential equipment; therefore, you can find a local dog wash site where you can take the tubs on rent.

After confirming the right spot and having collected the essential equipment, now is the right time for the bath. Here are some steps that you should follow that will ensure that your dog's bath goes well.

Everything should be under your reach

The equipment that you collected shall be near you so that you do not face any problem. Ensure that the essential equipment is accessible and within your range; imagine if you went to take the soap and your dog moved somewhere else.

Brushing the dog before the bath

As dogs have a lot of hair, they become easily tangled. A good brushing ensures that it doesn’t bother you while giving a bath.

A good hot bath might sound relaxing for you, which does not at all mean it would be a fun experience for your dog too. It would be perfect to give a dog wash with lukewarm water as it wouldn't be too hot. It would be good to fill the tub with the water before as some dogs are afraid of the rushing water.

When you bathe your dog in a tub, it becomes vital not to fill it up wholly. The level of the water should be equal to your dog's knees.

Wash your dog

Everything is right there on the spot; now is the final time to bathe your dog. Once your furry friend gets down in the tub, there are a few tips and guidelines that you must follow so that the bathing process becomes easy and there are no signs of discomfort.

Wet your dog

Please make use of a sprayer to wet out your dog thoroughly and avoid spraying it over on the dog's face. You can put cotton balls in the ears and further remove them to prevent any discomfort.

Start from tail to head

It's not good if the shampoo gets in the dog's ear, eyes, and mouth; therefore, you should start from the bottom and eventually move upwards. Apply the shampoo in a circular motion by starting from the dog's feet and continue till head.

Dry out your dog

After applying the shampoo and a good wash, now is the time to dry out your dog. Dry out your dog with one or more towels which depends on the dog size and furriness.
Once your dog gets dry, do not let him go away, as your dog can still shake off the excess water. It's best to move him to a place that doesn't get affected by water, like a laundry room.

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