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clean your engine safely

How to clean an engine safely?

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AA well-maintained car on the streets looks wonderful and drives smoothly on the roads. But moving on the roads leads to the accumulation of dirt, grime and particles on the vehicle. This debris also gets trapped under a car's hood. If a car owner wants to enjoy the car's beauty, the interiors, exteriors and engine must be clean. The most vital component of the vehicle, the engine, is like the sole of the car. The engine, when it's thoroughly clean, makes sure that the car runs down smoothly.

Why should you clean the engine?

People living in the cities and urban areas generally experience little dust as their car moves on paved roads; therefore, cleaning the engine twice a year is enough.However, on the other side people who live in the country experience off-road driving; therefore, their vehicle traps more dust and grime, and it's vital to clean off the engine every three months.

Similarly, cleaning the engine every three months is essential for people who live in the region experiencing heavy snowfall and rain.

There are innumerable advantages of cleaning the engine, but it's essential that cleaning must be carried out safely to avoid any mishandling. One should keep himself aware that wires and sensors of the engine must not come in contact with the water. When wires get exposed to the water, it leads to a short circuit, damaging the engine whose repairing cost is very high.

Advantages of cleaning the engine:

  • It leads to the prevention of building ignitable materials such as oil which can lead to a fire.
  • It helps to eliminate debris, thereby preventing your car from corrosion.
  • It's easy to spot signs of danger in advance, which can cause a problem in the future. This ultimately means it's a good sign for drivers as they become less prone to accidents.
  • A clean engine helps in elevating the car's appearance, resulting in increased resale value.
  • Even a thin layer of dust and grime in the engine allows your vehicle to consume more fuel. But if the engine is thoroughly cleaned, then it consumes less fuel, thereby reducing your fuel cost and helping you to save more.

Steps to clean a car engine:

  1. Schedule

    Set your schedule for the day which is warmer. A warmer day would be suitable as the engine dries faster.

  2. Preparation

    To clean the engine thoroughly, there is a need for some essential tools and equipment. Here is a list of those tools and equipment:

    • A brush
    • A cleaner
    • A clean towel
    • A plastic bag
    • A pair of gloves
    • A pressure washer

    If you have used the car a few hours back, allow the engine to cool off by opening the hood. It would be ideal to clean the engine early in the morning as there was no movement of the car the whole night, and the engine would have been cooler. If you decide to pour cool water on the hot engine, it's not a good choice as it would lead to cracks resulting in costly repairs.

  3. Tight the dipstick

    It's recommended to tighten the brake fluids and any other liquid fluid. To check whether it's sealed or not, properly press the dipstick. Following this step ensures that the water does not enter into the fluids, thereby preventing the engine from damage such as degradation.

  4. Battery disconnection:

    Disconnecting the battery terminals is essential and if possible, then removing the battery is best as it allows you to clean the engine with much more space. The disconnection of the battery prevents it from water, thus reducing the chances of damage.

  5. Degrease:

    Remove the dirt and grime accumulated with soft synthetic bristles, and then vacuum it. After you have scrubbed the dirt, use warm water to remove that loose grime. Then spray the degreaser in the engine wholly and wait for ten minutes till it ultimately gets soaked.

  6. Rinse it off:

    Use a pressure sprayer mildly to rinse off the engine. Ensure that you do not use a high-pressure sprayer since the water can leak and reach up to the covered areas.

  7. Wipe it down:

    After you are done with the rinsing step, finish off the cleaning procedure by wiping down the engine with a soft cloth.

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