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Procedure to Wash Car at a Self-Service Car Wash Station

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RRegularly cleaning and maintenance of our cars is an essential part of our routine. Timely cleaning and maintaining our car is vital to enhancing its value, getting good mileage, and enjoying its performance.

A self-service car wash is the most optimum service for owners as the intensity of preciseness the owners follow is impeccable. Being obsessed with your cars is a real thing, and the gesture is pretty palpable.

Getting your car cleaned might look like a more straightforward task initially until you jump into the depths of the new services and updated features available for car cleaning.

In the following section, let us understand some aspects of a self-service car wash.

A self-service car wash is one of the most common and inexpensive services. You can easily access the advanced equipment that formulates better results and aids in cleaning up even the messiest corner of your car by just paying a minimal sum of money.

We know when it comes to taking care of your cars, a single scratch on it can make your heart melt. A self-service car wash is one of the best services for car owners to wash away dirt and dust with utmost love and affection.

First, let us look at why washing your car at a workstation is more effective than washing your vehicles at your home itself?

Why Is Washing at a Self-Service Car Wash Station Better Than Home?

Many car owners prefer cleaning up the cars at their homes themselves, but trust me, the results are not even close to the ones delivered when you wash your car at the car wash stations.

When it comes to cleaning up the cars at your home, you are bound with limited equipment, and the lack of professional help does not deliver satisfactory results.

If you wash your cars at a workstation, the scenario pretty much changes; the Power vacuums enable you deep clean the unreachable areas of the vehicle and remove the unnecessary dirt and dust.

The extra suction vacuums enable thorough interior car cleaning, as cleaning the interiors of the cars is seen to be a tedious task, and even after spending all your sweat, the grains of dirt are not removed entirely.

The high-quality car wash shampoo scrubs out the tough stains and brings back the shine of your leather seats and other interiors.

The specialized car detailing services are only attainable in the workstation, and it is the best choice to take your care for some grooming and maintenance.

Many car owners face difficulty swapping out dirt from the car's body because the shampoos and detergents used by an individual at home are not efficient compared to the car wash shampoo available at the car wash stations. The rich lather formed is the sign of a perfect car wash.

The car wash station’s car cleaning services are way better than the ones we perform at home. The results are massively differentiable, and the quality of performance is top-notch.

How to Wash the Car at Self-Service?

The self-service car wash stations are pretty easy to operate. Let us quickly have a look at the procedure:

  1. To start with the washing, the owners must park their cars in the marked area to have enough space to move around and wash freely.
  2. Once done with the position alignment, start removing the dirty floor mats and other washable interior items.
  3. Use the spray nozzle by pressing down the trigger and get rid of the dirt placed on your car's body.
  4. Insert the coins in the machine and make sure to set a time limit on your washing as you have to insert coins after a particular amount of time.
  5. Set the required features and time you want on one set of spraying.
  6. Click on the WASH button and start with the first step of cleaning your car.

Tip: never stay too close to the car when you are using the jet water spray. The minimum distance between you and your vehicle must be at least 3 to 5 feet.

  1. Once all the dirt is removed, select the SOAP option on the machine, and you shall witness rich bubbles of foam and lather coming out that will immediately cover your entire car.
  2. After a little bit of scrubbing, remove the lather by selecting the RINSE option.
  3. Furthermore, proceed towards scrubbing down the dirt from the wheels with the help of long brushes.
  4. At last, choose the drying option and dry out your car.

A clean and shiny car is at your service in just a few minutes. If you are searching for the best self-service car wash station around you, here is a little help for you. Visit Splash Zone Car Wash Surrey, and you shall find many options for your car washing services that are highly satisfactory.

We are one of the highly trusted and efficient car service providers in British Columbia. With our impeccable car services, you can take your car much far!

If you have any queries, questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at splashzonesurrey@gmail.com

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